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How to Lead A Normal Life with FSGS

2014-03-01 17:54| Font Size A A A

Mostly, FSGS patients may ask doctors such a question: What can I do to lead a normal life? Luckily, experts at our center have bring sufferers with good news.

How to Lead A Normal Life with FSGSTo lead a normal life with FSGS, patients need to start from the following aspects:

Follow a balanced diet To lighten the workload of kidneys and alleviate the potential symptoms including proteinuria, swelling, high blood pressure, etc, the diet tips can be low salt, low protein, low fat, high fiber, low potassium, low phosphorus. However, the personalized dietary advice should be based on your latest medical report. If you are eager to know this, please firstly email us the report, then our experts will reply you within 24hours.

Take effective treatments to improve kidney function Mostly, patients are suggested to take some drugs including steroids, immunosuppressive agents, anti-hypertensive medications to slow down the progression of this disorder. Unfortunately, these drugs may lead to many side effects. What’ worse, they can do nothing to enhance kidney function.

To achieve this treatment goal, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended here. It is a perfect combination of TCM and advanced technology. And clinical practices have proven its therapeutic effect.

During the course, two bags filled with herbs are placed at kidney lesion. By improving blood circulation, reducing inflammatory response, anti-coagulation and supplying nutrients for the injured kidneys, renal function can be enhanced gradually.

In addition, it is easy to operate, convenient and comfortable. Generally, the treatment time last for 45-90minutes, if they feel bored, they can relax themselves by listening to some light music or watching a funny movie. For more info, remember that our Live Doctor will always be here for you!

Maintain a healthy life In daily life, people with FSGS should try to stay away form alcohol and tobacco products as much as possible. In the same time, they need to take some moderate exercises to fight against virus and boost immunity.

By taking the above effective steps, we belive FSGS patients can lead a normal life. Any queries, you can inform us by filling in the form below.

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