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Top 4 Facts about FSGS

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Top 4 Facts about FSGSFocal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS), a condition featured by scarring within the glomeruli. In this article, you can form a general idea concerning the 4 facts.

What causes FSGS?

Frankly speaking, it was caused by many factors. Such as, infections, drug toxicity, diabetes, sickle cell disease, glomerulonephritis or lupus disease. In a few cases, the condition runs in families, but this is not common.

What will happen if I have FSGS?

In the early stage, there can be no obvious symptoms. Under certain circumstances, it may disappear on its own with some. As the disease progresses, large amounts of protein may lost in the urine, swelling, increased body weight, high blood pressure and so on may occur.

In the advanced stage, it will progress into kidney failure. At that time, dialysis or kidney transplant may be needed.

How to treat it effectively?

Generally speaking, treatments of FSGS include steroids and some immunosuppressive agents, which can be used to decrease the amount of protein in urine.

Besides, medications like ACE Inhibitors, ARBs and water pills can be adopted to alleviate proteinuria, control blood pressure and get rid of excess fluid out of the body.

In daily life, diet changes are also necessary to lighten the workload of kidneys.

Can I live a normal life with FSGS?

Yes, some people with this disease can live a normal life as other ordinary people. And the premise is the condition are under control, here, we bring patients with two “natural gifts”-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy. Unlike the above mentioned treatments, they can help repair the damaged renal cells and improve kidney function fundamentally. What’s more, they will not cause side effects to the human body. And clinical practices have proven its efficacy.

If you or your beloved one happen to be FSGS patient, we sincerely hope you can find what you want. Any queries, please inform us by leaving message to Best regards!

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