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What are the Complications of FSGS

2014-02-27 00:00| Font Size A A A

FSGS is a medical condition characterized by scarring within the filtering units(glomeruli) of the kidneys. If you or your beloved happen to be a person with this disorder, it is essential to know about the potential complications.

1. Infections

Infections are the common complications of FSGS, and mostly are respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, etc. And the occurrence is related to loss of protein, malnutrition, immune dysfunction and application of glucocorticoids. If not treated early or poorly controlled, the disorder may relapse easily. In serious case, patients’ life may be threatened. Thereby, great attention should be paid by the patients and doctors.

2. Thrombus

Due to increased blood viscosity, loss of certain proteins and so on, thrombus can come into being. If left uncontrolled, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases may bring great harm to the patients.

3. Acute kidney failure

The onset of acute kidney failure has close connection with deficiency of renal blood flow and sudden drop of glomerular filtration rate. If treated timely, the condition can be reversed. Otherwise, it may progress into chronic kidney failure.

4. Malnutrition

As the filtering units became damaged, more and more useful substances like protein will leak into urine. Proteins are good sources of nutrients. And the shortage of protein can make FSGS patients more susceptible to malnutrition. And that’s why children with FSGS may present development delay.

The above are common potential complications of FSGS, without timely preventive measures, the condition will be aggrated. Frankly speaking, patients should follow a well-balanced diet, do regular check-ups, make some lifestyle changes, adopt effective treatments, keep a positive attitude, cooperate with doctors actively, etc to prevent this from happening.

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