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Can Natural Remedy Help Itchy Skin in FSGS

2014-02-17 22:24| Font Size A A A

Can Natural Remedy Help Itchy Skin in FSGS“Can natural remedy help itchy skin in FSGS?” Recently, a FSGS patients who are going through itchy skin asked so. She said that she have tried all kinds of methods to stop itchying. But they are useless. Itchy skin still tortures her and it seems that it is more serious than before. An accidental oppotunity, she learnt some natural remedies. Maybe you have the same doubt like her. So I will share the answers with you all!

Firstly, do you know why  you get itchy skin?

Since you are troubled by FSGS, your glomerulus have already been damaged by the deposition of the immune complex. Many of the functions have lost, such as the filtration function. Glomerulus are not able to filter the waste products in blood. Because they cannot be discharged by kidneys, some of them will be discharged through skin and cause stimulation, resulting in itching. Besides, high potassium level is also an inducer of itchy skin. If there are many toxins in blood, the fluids in the skin will be transferred to the blood vessels, leading to dehydration, which will also cause itchying.

Can natural remedy help itchy skin in FSGS?

The natural remedies include Hot Compress Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Enema Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and so on. All those therapies are natural and safe. According to different illness conditions and different stages, doctor will  adjust treatments and the doses. However, they can achieve the same goal, that is to discharge the toxins, repair the damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function.

They all take advantage of the Chinese herbs, which all come from nature and have no side-effects. You will receive great improvements after several days’ treatment. What you may interested in is the price of these therapies. Here I can tell you that  they are all cheaper than the western treatments, such as dialysis and kidney transplant. You can consult the online doctor for the exact price.

The natural remedy can not only help itcy skin, but also help treat FSGS. If you have other problems or questions, you can send an email to and the kidney doctor will give you a reply as soon as possible!

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