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Average Lifespan of FSGS on Dialysis

2014-02-03 19:30| Font Size A A A

Many patients care about the average lifespan of FSGS on dialysis. Now let’s talk about this hotly discussed question.

FSGS refers to Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. It is the leading cause of nephrotic syndrome. It is reported that this disease has poor response to the treatment. Many patients will develop into kidney failure within 5-10 years and then dialysis will be applied.

When we talk about the lifespan of FSGS on dialysis, many factors should be taken into account, such as the symptoms, complications, diet, physical condition, the treatment and the response to treatment. Some clinical factors like large amounts of proteinuria, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia will accelerate the sclerosis of glomerulus. About 45% of those who are attacked by heavy proteinuria can live through 10 years.

Dialysis is regarded as the replacement treatment when the disease progresses into kidney failure. Then what is the life expectancy of FSGS on dialysis? To be frank, no one can tell the exact lifespan without knowing the specific illness and physical condition. You can send your medical report to for a detailed reply.

However, you should firstly make clear that dialysis is just the replacement method. If you are on dialysis, you must have suffered a lot of side-effects, which also can shorten the lifespan of FSGS patients.

Among all the influential factors, the treatment matters most. If the treatment can improve kidney function, the lifespan can be prolonged as long as possible. What treatment has such a function? Have you heard of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? This treatment is a natural therapy based on the traditional Chinese medicine. What makes it different is that it can improve kidney function by repairing the damaged kidney cells. If you are interested in this therapy, you can talk to the online doctor. They will provide you the friendly service.

The average lifespan of FSGS has confused many patients. As long as you accept the correct treatment, you can live longer than you can imagine. Any questions? Leave us a message below!

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