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How Terrible Is Glomerulosclerosis

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How Terrible Is Glomerulosclerosis
When seeing renal biopsy result and finding that glomeruli have become scarred over 50%, many patients become panic and worry about renal failure or uremia. How terrible is glomerulosclerosis?

As the kidney gets "older", the structure of the kidney changes, and the older the kidney, the higher the percentage of sclerosis, known as glomerulosclerosis. At the same time, the rate of glomerulosclerosis is also affected by kidney disease, speeding up the pace of renal failure.

According to relevant research data, 19% of 18-29 years old donor have global glomerulosclerosis. 47% of 40-49 years old donor have global glomerulosclerosis. About 82% of 70-77 years old donor have global glomerulosclerosis.

Therefore, not only kidney patients have glomerulosclerosis, but also healthy people have glomerulosclerosis.

In fact, there are nearly 1 million nephrons in a single kidney in the human body, enough to support a strong renal compensatory function. Normal kidney function in humans requires 30 percent of the nephrons, meaning that even if some of them are sclerosis, the rest of the kidney still maintains the normal function.

Since we have so many nephrons, we do not need to worry about the scarred glomeruli. What we should do is to protect the residual renal function.

Some factors of glomerulosclerosis are hard to change, such as susceptibility genes, congenitally low weight and race, but there are still many factors that can be controlled artificially.

1. Early attention

No matter when you detect kidney disease, you should attach importance timely.

Chronic kidney disease is very insidious. Not all patients can find the disease in the early stage. No matter which stage you are in, even if you are at kidney failure, we can not stop the progression completely, but we can slow down the deterioration.

2. To reduce proteinuria and control blood pressure

There are two particularly dangerous factors in the progression of renal function -- urinary protein and hypertension. In general, when the proteinuria is less than 1g/24 hours (or even less than 0.5g), and blood pressure target is 130/80mmhg, it can significantly slow the process of glomerular sclerosis.

3. Other factors

To control blood sugar, blood lipids, blood uric acid levels, relieve anemia, stay away from heat-relieving and analgesic drugs and other kidney damage drugs, quit smoking and avoid alcohol, eat a balanced diet, exercise, and reach the standard weight. ...

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