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How Do I Know I Have FSGS Kidney Disease

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How Do I Know I Have FSGS Kidney DiseasePeople who have FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) often show no signs or symptoms of the disease unless progressive damage to the kidneys severely interferes with their normal function. Well then, how do I know I have the kidney disease early?

Actually, FSGS often causes patient to have Nephrotic Syndrome, which is a severe condition of kidney disease, and often leads to Kidney Failure. Hence, the earlier FSGS is diagnosed, the better patients’ prognosis will be. Otherwise, patients will lose the optimal chance of taking treatments.

Common diagnosis:

Kidney Biopsy

It refers to a test in which the a small piece of kidney tissues is removed to be examined under a microscope. Usually the test is used to make an accurate or a final diagnosis for kidney problem, severity of kidney damages and monitor the therapy effects of kidney disease.

However, sometimes, the test may also not be very exactly, because FSGS causes damage in kidney partially, so it is normal that the tissue being taken cannot reflect patient’s disease exactly. But if the tissues being taken have symptoms like glomeruli have different sizes, kidney tubules shrink, the lesion degrees of kidney tubule and glomerulus have incomformity, etc,then, it is necessary to take second renal biopsy.

Special tests:

Protein electrophoresis

This helps make an accurate analysis on protein in urine. With this test, your doctor can find the cause of protein and make an final diagnosis of kidney problems.

Blood toxins test

This test helps find the build up of waste products in in body and help your doctor find the right treatment to remove the wastes.

In addition to the medical test, some symptoms also may indicates that you may have kidney damage,like hypertension, diabetes, proteinuria, swelling and so on.

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