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FSGS: Weak Knees After Long-Term Dialysis

2014-08-28 23:58| Font Size A A A

FSGS: Weak Knees After Long-Term DialysisFSGS is a kind of Chronic Kidney Disease and along with the progression of illness condition, it will develop into Chronic Kidney Failure. At this time, dialysis is needed to replace kidney and prolong the patients’ life. However, most dialysis patients always complain they are prone to experience weak knees after dialysis. Why? Please read on and you will find out the reasons.

As a matter of fact, dialysis is a kidney replacement treatment which can help kidneys remove the excess water, waste products as well as toxins from the body to large extent. Most of patients are take dialysis twice a week. Although it can discharge the metabolic wastes form the body, it still has numerous side effects, which contributes to making patients weak.


Anemia is one of leading side effects of dialysis. And it is also the primary reasons that cause the weak knees even the body. During the dialysis, not only the waste products can be cleared away, but also some fresh blood can be lost. What’s more, the damaged kidneys are unable to produce enough erythropoietin which is in charge of making enough red blood cells to supply the body. Consequently, anemia occurs. Besides, it is always associated with fatigue.

Poor nutrition

In order to fit the treatment and control the illness condition, patients may be required to develop very strict diet restrictions. The limitation of the diet is very possible to cause malnutrition. In this case, patients will feel knees too weak to walk or stand.

Bone problems

Due to abnormal bone caused by kidney disease, patients may have weakness of the muscles that causes hardly walk or difficulty with stairs. Both diet and medicines are helpful to relieve this problem.

Other causes like dialysis insufficiency, lack od L-carnitine, infections to the dialyzer and urinary tract infections and so on, can cause you feel weak.

If you want to get rid of the weak knees or body after dialysis, you should enhance the renal function and avoid dialysis firstly. Fortunately, along with development of medical technology, at our Treatment center point, several treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy,and Hot Compress Therapy are available for you. More specific info, welcome to consult our online doctors directly or email to Thanks for your time.

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