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Why Do Dialysis Patients Feel Thirsty Frequently

2015-10-08 10:59| Font Size A A A

Why Do Dialysis Patients Feel Thirsty Frequently“My thirst increases but my urine output decreases after dialysis!” actually, it is a common complain among patients who have begun Dialysis treatments. However, few people know its reasons and available treatments. Please hold on, you will find out the related info below.

According to clinical researches, we have found that several factors contribute to leading to feeling of thirst. If you have any questions or unclear things, you can email to us at By the way, if you are interested in knowing alternative treatments to dialysis, you also can add my whatsapp: 008615226572289 for learning more details.

Now, let’s see these factors.

1. Water restriction.

We know people don’t need to begin dialysis until more than 85% of renal function has lost. That’s to say, kidneys has lost their ability to hold fluid. If you have begun dialysis, the goal of fluid restriction is to help dialysis patients feel comfortable before, during and after dialysis sessions.

2. Insufficient dialysis

Even though dialysis can help remove excess fluid and waste products from the body, it is not as effective as healthy kidneys. This is why most of these patients have decreased urine output or even swelling but have increased thirst.

3. Other complications or symptoms

After all, dialysis cannot improve renal function from the root, some side effects will attack patients. Vomiting and diarrhea are the common side effects of dialysis. They also can worsen patient’s thirsty feeling, because more fluid is lost but patients don’t dare to drink excess water.

Through the above analysis, we can see dialysis patients are more prone to suffer a lot. In order to help more and more patients avoid or reduce dialysis, natural treatments from Traditional Chinese Medicine have been widely used in our hospital-Beijing Tongshantang Hospital. To know more details, please remember to contact us!

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