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How to Prevent Side Effects of Dialysis

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In western medicine, dialysis is commonly used for End Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) patients to prolong their lives. However, it can only replace part of kidney function, and there are always some side effects. The followings are some of the side effects and precautionary measures.

Low blood pressure It occurs when too much fluid is removed from the blood or the fluid is removed too fast during dialysis. This can cause pressure to drop, nausea or dizziness.


●Don’t take medicine for high blood pressure or take a lower dose.

●Don’t remove too much fluid or at a too fast speed between dialysis sessions.

●Control the intake of fluid during the treatment.

Infections Patients undergoing dialysis are at high risks of infections. Therefore, great care must be taken during this therapy.


●Patients are advised to perform each exchange carefully.

●Exchange should be performed in a clean area.

●Keep the catheter area clean and touch it with washed hands.

Muscle cramps During hemodialysis, some people may experience muscle cramps, usually in their lower legs. This is thought to be caused by huge loss of fluid.


●Fluid infusion, such as normal saline.

●Reduce the speed of removing fluid and decline blood flow volume.

●Change position, avoid cold stimulation and suppress the excitation of muscle.

Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome It refers to the occurrence of neurologic signs and symptoms, attributed to cerebral edema, during or shortly after intermittent hemodialysis.


●Take a close restriction on water and salt.

●Use high sodium dialysate.

●Receive hemofiltration to remove middle molecular toxins.

●Keep a close eye on heart rate, blood pressure and breathing change.

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