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Home Care Tips for Hemodialysis Patients

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Home Care Tips for Hemodialysis PatientsAs an alternative therapy, hemodialysis is commonly used for kidney failure patients. When the condition is stable, doctors may recommend patients to do home care. Read on to find the home care tips for hemodialysis patients.

1. By taking regular dialysis, sufferers can still live a normal life as other ordinary people. During the treatment, it is quite essential to follow the doctor’s advice, so as not to aggravate the disease.

2. Take moderate exercises regularly, such as, walking, Tai Chi and some housework within one’s capability.

3. Pay enough attention to rest and sleep.

4. Prevent various infections, for instance, skin infection, respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection and so on. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to develop good personal habits.

5. Measure blood pressure and follow the doctor’s advice to take drugs. Do not increase or decrease the doses at random.

6. Well control of nutrition and fluid. Hemodialysis patients can drink a glass of milk and eat two eggs to meet the nutritional needs of the body. Generally, hemodialysis patients are not recommended to drink too much water, if not, the risk of presenting heart failure will be increased. And the total amount can be the previous day’s urine volume with 500ml water. Additionally, it is necessary to control the increased body weight between dialysis sessions with 3% or 5% of dry weight.

7. Maintain a pleasant mood. If there are emotional problems, sufferers need to talk with their family members or friends. If the condition permits, they can participate in outings and extend the his own life circles, so as to raise the life quality of the patient.

Once there any emergency or discomfort, patients should go to a hospital immediately. Any doubts about the aforementioned home care tips, please leave us message to Then, we will contact you soon.

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