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Diet Tips for People on Hemodialysis

2014-02-24 22:44| Font Size A A A

For people on hemodialysis, they should make some changes in diet to maintain physical fitness. Well, what are the beneficial diet tips?

Diet Tips for People on HemodialysisRelationship between foods and hemodialysis

Honestly speaking, foods can provide enough energy and nutrients to keep the normal function of our body. And wastes will occur in the body with the action of intestinal tract. In right condition, kidney can help remove wastes, toxins and excess fluid from the blood. However, hemodialysis patients can not do this job adequately.

Between hemodialysis sessions, more and more wastes will accumulate in the body. To decrease the adverse effects on patients, it is essential to figure out what foods should eat and what foods should avoid.

What are the diet tips for people on hemodialysis?

Potassium For people on hemodialysis, if the test show high potassium level, they need to avoid eating foods loaded with potassium, such as, bananas, kiwis, avocados and so on. Otherwise, there will be irregular heart beat or even death.

Sodium To prevent high blood pressure and severe edema, the intake of sodium should be strictly limited. So, they should stay away from canned foods, pickled foods or frozen dinners as much as possible. Due to this, some patients may choose some salt substitutes, however, these foods usually contain potassium. If you are suffering from the above discomforts and trying to get a personalized advice, please click the Free Online Doctor directly!

Phosphorus This substance can be found in many foods. If there is too much phosphorus in your blood, the risk of presenting bone diseases and itchy skin will be increased. Foods like milk, cheese, nuts and colas are high in phosphorus.

Protein People on dialysis are recommended to eat some high-quality protein foods. And the amount can be 1-1.2g/kg per day. High-quality proteins usually come from lean meat, fish, poultry, egg white, milk, etc.

Except for these tips, hemodialysis patients also need to supply enough vitamins and minerals. If you happen to be a person with this disease, we sincerely hope these diet tips can be beneficial. Anything unclear, please inform us by emailing to

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