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How to Deal with High Creatinine Level After Dialysis

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You may have this trouble like other patients with kidney disease who are on dialysis: the creatinine level go up again after dialysis. How could this happen? How to deal with high creatinine level after dialysis? This article will give you the answers.

Do you know why creatinine level go up again after dialysis?

Creatinine is one of the waste products in our body and it should be filtered out by kidneys. When kidneys have problems, the creatinine will build up in blood, casusing high creatinine level. Diaysis is believed to be able to remove the extra creatinine and lower the high creatinine level. The short-time effect is obvious. But you shoud make clear that dialysis is just the replacement treatment, it cannot solve the problem completely.

Because the creatinine cannot be discharged by kidneys, once you stop diaysis, it will accumulate in blood again. This is why creatinine level go up again after dialysis.

From the above we can see that dialysis is not the perfect treatment for high creatinine level. Then here is the question:

How to deal with high creatinine level after dialysis?

Though dialysis can help lower creatinine level, it will damage kidney function if you do long time dilaysis. Therefore, if you want to achieve better effects, you should try other treatments that can solve the problem from the root. Have you heard of Hot Compress Therapy? It is invented based on the traditional Chinese medicine and it is a natural treatment. Different from dialysis, it is a therapy that can discharge the waste product completely and improve kidney function. You may be interested in the cost of this therapy. Here I will tell you that the cost is not as high as dialysis. On the contrary, it is low in cost. For the exact price, you can consult the online doctor!

The creatinine level will not go up again because the kidney function is improved by this therapy. For further informaiton, you can leave a message below or send an email to for a reply!

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