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What to Eat After Dialysis

2014-01-14 21:43| Font Size A A A

What to Eat After DialysisPatients with kidney disease should follow a proper diet, especially patients who are on dialysis. A proper diet can help relieve symptoms and slow down the progression of kidney disease. Then what to eat after dialysis?

a. Patients with kidney disease are often suggested to eat a low-protein diet to reduce the burden of kidneys. But for dialysis patients, they should replenish some protein into their diet for when dialysis removes the waste products, some nutritions are brought away. For patients with severe kidney damage but do not start dialysis, protein intake is required to limit to 0.6-0.8g of every body weight per day. But for dialysis patients, protein should increase to 1.2g. What’s more, it is better if the protein comes from lead meat, egg white, milk, fish, etc, which are high-quality protein.

b. Dialysis patients should control the water intake. Dialysis can help discharge extra water in blood. Because kidneys cannot discharge the extra water, if you drink a lot of after dialysis, they will build up in blood. In the next dialysis, a large amount of water will be removed, which will result in low blood pressure. You should ask you doctor for how much water you are allowed per day according to your condition.

c. Low-sodium foods are suggested after dialysis. High sodium foods will replace the sodium that removed by dialysis and increase the risk of high blood pressure and water-sodium retention. Home-cooked foods is the best choice because you can control how much sodium you should take.

d. Fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be missed. They can provide you more nutritions. In addition, they can improve the immunity. But what you should pay attention to is that you should avoid foods that are high in potassium and phosphorus, like banana, avocados and cantaloupe.

What to eat after dialysis? There is no exact food list for every patients. But the above are the basic items. If you want the detailed diet suggestion, you can send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will arrange you a personal diet plan.

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