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Is It Normal to Run A Fever on Dialysis

2014-01-06 23:46| Font Size A A A

Is It Normal to Run A Fever on DialysisIs it normal to run a fever on dialysis? Patients who are on dialysis will experience a serious of side-effects, such as headache, nausea, vomit, low blood pressure, and so on. Some patients are going through a fever after dialysis. Is it normal? Now let’s talk about this question.

Dialysis is an artificial kidney which functions to discharge the waste products out and keep safer levels of certain chemicals. But dialysis will bring people a lot of discomforts at the same time.

Infection is a common risk of dialysis and it is also the main cause of fever. Patients on dialysis are more vulnerable to infection. Why patients on dialysis are easily attacked by infection?

Patients who are undergoing dialysis usually have low-immunity. So the external pathogen are easy to intrude the body, causing infection.

There will be either an open catheter or a vascular access point on dialysis patients body. So they provide an opportunity for bacteria to enter the body, leading to infection.

Therefore, patients should take all measures to reduce the risk of infection, thus to lower the risk of running a fever.

To prevent infection, you should improve your immunity firstly. You are suggested to ask your doctor to manage you a proper diet to prevent malnutrition. Healthy diet can help you improve your immunity.

What you can do easily to take care of yourself is to clean your hands thoroughly. It is important to take this step to prevent germs to the open catheter and vascular access point. Though many people recognise the importance, few people wash their hands thoroughly.

If you run a fever on dialysis, you should let your doctor know immediately. You are welcomed to send an email to if you have further questions.

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