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Will Leg Edema be Reduced after Dialysis

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Will Leg Edema be Reduced after DialysisDialysis is featured as an artificial kidney, which functions to do the jobs that kidneys have lost. Some with kidney disease will suffer from edema, especially in legs. Then will leg edema be reduced after dialysis?

How does leg edema occur?

There are two main causes of edema in patients with kidney disease.

The loss of protein in blood. The kidneys cannot only discharge the waste products and toxins, but also keep some important substance in the blood. Protein is one of the essential substance in our body. The failed kidneys are not able to keep protein in blood, while protein in blood has a function of keeping water in blood. The loss of protein will result in the transfer of water to other tissue spaces, which will lead to edema.

Water-sodium retention. The damaged kidneys cannot well discharge the extra water and electrolyte in blood. Excessive water and sodium retention will cause water-sodium retention, which is a leading cause of leg edema.

Will leg edema be reduced after dialysis?

As I mentioned at the beginning, Dialysis can help kidneys do some jobs, such as discharging the extra water and toxins. When extra water is removed, leg edema will be reduced. But dialysis is not the solution to leg edema for the water will be accumulated again in blood if dialysis is stopped.

How to reduce leg edema completely?

If you wanna reduce leg edema completely, you should focus on improving kidney function. Dialysis is not the treatment that can improve kidney function. On the contrary, long-term and inadequate dialysis will cause further damage to kidneys. Then what is the basic solution?

Hot Compress therapy is the therapy that worth your consideration. It can improve kidney function by repairing the damaged kidney cells. In addition, it is free of side-effects because the herbs used in this therapy are all come from nature. Leg edema can be reduced completely if kidney function is improved. This therapy is different from the traditional Chinese medicines, it is used externally. If you want to know how it functions, you can ask the online doctor, they will give you the detailed information.

Dialysis can reduce leg edema for a while, but it is not the fundamental method. If you have follow-up questions, you can send an email to, the kidney experts will give you a reply.

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