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Vomit and Light Headed: Side Effects of Dialysis

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Dialysis is used to replace the kidneys to do jobs when kidney is failed. It is a life savor sometimes. However, it is also a life killer. What does this mean? This is because dialysis will cause many side effects. Some of the side effects are life-threatening. As two common side effects, vomit and light headed trouble many people who are on dialysis.

The causes of vomit and light headed.

The two uncomfortable feelings often occurs together. The main causes are:

Low blood pressure.Too much fluid is removed from the blood at once by dialysis. The sudden loss of fluid will cause low blood pressure, which will cause light headed and vomit.

The accumulation of the toxins. Sometimes, inadequate dialysis will cause the rapid growth of the toxins in blood. With the blood circulation, the toxins will attack the brain and cause light headed and then vomit occur.

Sleep disorders. Some patients develop sleep disorder due to itchy skin, muscle cramps, depressed feeling, sleep apnea syndrome and restless legs, which will cause sleep disorder. Sleep disorder will lead to light headed and vomit.

How to deal with vomit and light headed?

Control water intake during dialysis sessions. Keep proper dry weight.

Do not take anti-hypertensive drugs before dialysis, which will easily lead to low blood pressure.

Do complete dialysis. Talk to your doctor and ensure that he checks the dialyzate according to your condition.

Take some medicines. You can prescribe some medicines based on your doctors direction. You should take some Chinese herbal medicines, which is effective in dealing with these symptoms. If you have no idea about herbs, you can consult the online doctors and they will be glad to help you!

Vomit and light headed are so annoyed sometimes that people cannot concentrate on doing anything. If you are free now, you can leave a message below and get more treatments for the side effects of dialysis.

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