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At What BUN and Creatinine Level is Dialysis Needed

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BUN and creatinine level is often used to evaluate kidney function. Usually, when they are high to a certain level, dialysis is needed. Then at what BUN and creatinine level is dialysis needed?

High level of BUN and Creatinine.

BUN and creatinine is the metabolic waste in our body. The extra amounts in blood are harmful to our body. They will cause damage to many organs, especially the kidneys, which are responsible to filter them out of the body. The accumulation of BUN and creatinine in blood will result in high level of BUN and creatinine, which are indicators of kidney damage to some extant. If they stay in the blood for a long time, not only kidneys but also other organs will be affected. So it is important to clean them out.

The importance of dialysis.

Dialysis is one of the common methods used to help kidneys discharge the waste products and toxins in blood. It is regarded as an artificial kidney. Sufficient dialysis can help relieve the symptoms and control the progression of the initial disease as well as prevent complications. Normally, patients with dialysis can live another 5 years. Under some emergent circumstance, dialysis is a lifesaver.

At what BUN and Creatinine level is dialysis needed?

If you have progressed into kidney failure with oliguria or anuria, you should do blood tests at regular intervals to check the BUN and Creatinine level. Once the BUN level is more than 21.4mmol/l or it run up 9mmol/l everyday or the creatinine level is over 442ummol/l, you should start dialysis to lower the high level.

There is another situation, in which dialysis is badly needed, that is when your BUN level is higher than 54mol/l or the creatinine level is up to 884ummol/l.

Timely and adequate dialysis is necessary for patients to live a better life. It can lower high BUN and creatinine level. However, You may suffer from some symptoms due to dialysis. If you have some discomforts, you can talk to the online doctors and they will provide you sone treatments.

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