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Top Ten Foods Good for Dialysis Patients

2013-12-17 22:20| Font Size A A A

Top Ten Foods Good for Dialysis PatientsFor dialysis patients, the foods they eat are very important to maintain a good nutrition and prevent more kidney damage and other diseases. Here are top ten foods good for dialysis patients.

Top 1. Egg white.

Patients who are on dialysis need a good nutrition. Some protein is lost through dialysis. So patients should be supplied with high-quality protein to replenish energy and prevent infection. Egg white is a rich source of high-quality protein. Besides, it contains low-fat. So it is the first choice for dialysis patients.

Top 2. Turkey.

As we all know that turkey is a traditional food for Thanksgiving or Christmas day. But can you imagine that it is a favorable food for dialysis patients? It is full of protein, especially high-protein foods and it is free of fat and cholesterol. Besides, it provides our body enough vitamins to foster the immunity.

Top 3. Cabbage.

Cabbage is a kind of vegetable that is full of vitamin C and fiber. Besides, the ingredients of cabbage can help fight against cardiovascular disease and cancer. Cabbage rolls made with turkey is a delicious course.

Top 4. Fish.

Fish is also loaded with high-quality protein. What’s more, fish contains anti-inflammatory fats, which can help deal with heart disease. Doctors suggests that dialysis patients should eat fish two or three times a week.

Top 5. Apple.

It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple can help reduce cholesterol. It is also rich in fiber and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Top 6. Red grape.

Red grape has a good effect on preventing oxidation as well as inflammation. Some ingredients in grape can also help increase the blood flow. besides, moderate drink of grape wine can help prevent heart disease.

Top 7. Cucumber.

Cucumber can effectively promote the body’s metabolism. The rich vitamin B1 can help promote sleep quality. It contributes a lot in lowering high glucose level.

Top 8. Cherry.

Eating cherry everyday in moderation can help prevent inflammation and heart disease.

Top 9. Olive oil.

Olive oil contains rich antioxidants. You are suggested to use olive oil instead of other oils to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Top 10. Coconut.

Coconut is rich in vitamin and it can help improve the immunity of the body. In addition, it is a natural diuretic.

Managing a healthy diet is a big project. So consult to your doctor for whether the top ten foods are suitable for you! You can make some changes on the diet. You can get a personal food lists by contacting the online doctors.

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