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How to Prevent Leg Cramps During Dialysis

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How to Prevent Leg Cramps During DialysisDialysis is a commonly used treatment for patients with kidney failure. But dialysis will bring a lot of side-effects to patients. Leg cramps are the most common one. Leg cramps can be very painful. Then how to prevent leg cramps during dialysis?

Cramps is one of the common symptoms of dialysis. It is reported that 33%-86% of patients who are on dialysis experience cramps. It can attack many parts of your body, including legs, hands, arms and abdomen. While leg is the part that can be easily attacked.

Why dialysis cause leg cramps?

With kidney failure, the kidney cannot well perform its duty. The extra waste products and toxins as well as water will accumulate in blood. Dialysis can help kidney remove these products. When a large amount of water is removed or the water is taken out at a fast rate, leg cramps will happen as a reaction.

Taking too much water during dialysis sessions is also a cause of leg cramps.

Dialysis cannot replace kidney function completely. The extra electrolyte cannot be removed efficiently. When the level of phosphorus is elevated, the calcium level will be decreased. Calcium is the electrolyte that has a close relationship with the muscle excitability. The decrease of calcium can lead to leg cramps.

How to prevent leg cramps during dialysis?

Limit water intake. You should limit water intake between dialysis session. For how much water you should take, you can ask your doctor or the online doctor by telling him your illness condition now.

Limit phosphorus intake in diet. You are suggested to take a low-phosphorus diet to reduce the risk of leg cramps.

Leg stretching. You can lie on a bed, bending your knees and stretching your legs alternately.

If these non-pharmacological methods can not prevent leg cramps during dialysis, you should talk to your doctor, they will make your some pharmacological suggestions. If you have other problems, you can tell the online doctor, they will help you!

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