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How Long Can A Patient Survive on Dialysis

2013-11-16 10:21| Font Size A A A

Dialysis is thought to be the replacement treatment for patients with end stage kidney disease. With the spread of kidney disease, an increasing number of patients are concerning with this question: How long can a patient survive on dialysis?

Actually, there is no exact answer in terms of how long can a patients survive on dialysis, though dialysis technology has been improved in recent years. Many factors that can affect the outcomes of dialysis should be taken into consideration, such as how old the patient is , the severity of the illness, dialysis technology, the mind state of patients, etc.

The ages.

It is generally recognised that the younger patients on dialysis would survive longer than the older, because the younger have stronger resistance than the older. According to the statistics, about 88% patients under 20 years old will survive 5 years on dialysis, but only 21% patients between 65-74 years old will survive 5 years on dialysis. The number declines to 10% for those who are over 74 years old.

The severity of the illness.

It is reported that almost 80% patients will live through 1 year, 64 % will live through 2 years, 33% will survive years and 10% will survive 10 years. The lifespan differs mainly depends on how severe the illness condition is.

If the patients have serious primary disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, they will not live as longer as those who do not have these diseases. In addition, the causes of end-stage kidney disease also play an important role in the lifespan of those on dialysis.

The mind state.

It seems that this factor have no direct relationship with how long can a patient survive on dialysis, but it indeed take a vital effect on it. Some patients on dialysis can live a longer and better life than those who do not have kidney disease. Keep a positive mind, you will receive a better outcome. So do not give up treatment, there is hope for you even with end-stage kidney disease.

Dialysis can prolong the lifespan of patients, but the exact lifespan depends on many factors. If you want to know more information, you can contact the online doctors. You can also send an email to kidneyask@hotmail for more treatments for end-stage kidney disease.

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