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At What Increased Creatinine Level is Dialysis Needed

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Dialysis is usually used for patients with kidney failure. There are two types of kidney failure, acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure. Here I will talk about acute kidney failure. At what increased creatinine level is dialysis needed with acute kidney failure?

Acute kidney failure and high creatinine level.

Acute kidney failure is characterized by sharply decrease of kidney function. Normally the kidney function decline to about 50%. As a consequence, the creatinine level will be increased. Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle. It should be filtered out of our body by kidneys. If the kidneys are damaged, the creatinine will accumulate in the blood, causing high creatinine level.

Advantages of dialysis.

Dialysis is used to replace some of the kidney functions that the kidneys loss because of kidney damage. It is an artificial kidney, which can help kidney filter the waste products and toxins in the blood as well as the extra fluids. With dialysis, the symptoms can be alleviated a lot. If patients have severe primary diseases, like diabetes and high blood pressure, they can be get well controlled with dialysis. In addition, it can prevent the appearance of complications.

At what increased creatinine level is dialysis needed?

Some patients thought that dialysis is needed once kidney failure attacks. Actually, Not all patients with kidney failure need dialysis. For patients with acute kidney failure, dialysis is suggested if creatinine level is above 442ummol/l on the condition that patients have oliguria or anuria for more than 24-48 hours.

Once the creatinine goes up to 884ummol/l, dialysis is needed no matter there is oliguria or anuria.

So if you comply with the two cases, you are suggested to do dialysis. If you are not sure about your condition, you can send your test report to, the kidney doctor will send you some suggestions. The increased creatinine level is not the only indicator of dialysis. You need to talk to your doctor carefully.

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