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When is Dialysis Required with Chronic Kidney Failure

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Patients who are attacked by chronic kidney failure are often required to do dialysis. Are all patients with chronic kidney failure need dialysis?At what circumstances are dialysis needed?

What are the functions of dialysis?

Kidneys have the ability to filter the waste products and toxins and excessive fluids out of the blood. When the kidneys are damaged, this ability will be decreased. Then some external methods are needed to help kidneys do this job.

Dialysis is the artificial replacement for lost kidney function. It will help kidney eliminate the waste product and toxins as well as the extra fluids in the blood. It will help relieve the symptoms and prevent the complications. Dialysis also has a effect on controlling the primary diseases such as the diabetes, high blood pressure. It can help improving kidney function by providing kidneys a clean internal environment.

When is dialysis required with chronic kidney failure?

Not all the patients with chronic kidney failure need dialysis. Whether patients with chronic kidney failure should do dialysis depends on their own conditions, including the condition of the primary disease, the severity of the symptoms, the lab results and the economic condition.

On the following circumstances, patients with chronic kidney failure are badly in need of dialysis.

a. The serum potassium is above 6.5mmol/l and it cannot controlled with drugs.

b. There are severe symptoms such as heavy swelling, high blood pressure, heart failure, water-sodium retention and pulmonary edema.

c. If one is attacked by metabolic acidosis and PH is below 7.2.

d. If patients with chronic kidney failure are complicated by uremic pericarditis, alimentary tract hemorrhage and some symptoms of central nervous system disorder, such as sleepiness, cramps and coma.

If you have one of these conditions, dialysis is required with chronic kidney failure. If you leave your conditions alone, your illness will become more and more serious. You can send your lab results to, the kidney experts will help you to see if you need dialysis or you can leave a message below. Wish you get better!

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