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What are the Causes of Dizziness to Dialysis Patients

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What are the Causes of Dizziness to Dialysis PatientsWhen the kidney disease develops into kidney failure, dialysis is provided. However, dialysis will bring a lot of complications and dizziness is included. So what are the causes of dizziness to dialysis patients?

Dialysis is supposed to help kidney remove the waste product and toxins as well as the excessive fluids that accumulate in the blood. However, a series of discomforts will come along with dialysis, such as dizziness, muscle cramps, itching skin and so on. These discomforts may be mild or severe according to the different conditions of patients. What are the causes of dizziness to dialysis patients?

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is also a complication of dialysis. When too much fluid is removed from the blood once time through dialysis, the blood pressure will decline and low blood pressure will occur.

Another reason of why low blood pressure occur is that the patients may take medicines to fight against high blood pressure, which is the symptom of kidney. Taking this kind of medicines before dialysis is not advised for it will cause low blood pressure. Dizziness is a result of low blood pressure.


Dialysis help kidney discharge the waste products and toxins in the blood and at the same time, some protein and red blood cells will be discharged through the dialysis machine. The loss of red blood cells will contribute to anemia. Patients with dialysis are easily to be attacked by anemia. So dizziness will occur.

Patients who are on dialysis should well manage the fluid intake. If you have high blood pressure, you should consult to the doctor for the correct intake of the medicines to control high blood pressure. While the fundamental method to treat dizziness is to improve kidney function and get rid of dialysis. You are welcomed to consult the online doctors for more information about how to deal with dizziness.

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