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Is Dizziness A Normal Symptom After Dialysis

2013-10-27 14:41| Font Size A A A

Dizziness is widely happened in the process of Dialysis. Almost all of the patients occurred dizziness at least once in the process of long-term regular hemodialysis treatment. The morbidity is from 25% to 40%. However, is dizziness a normal symptom after dialysis?

In fact, dizziness appeared in the process of dialysis is called dialysis imbalance syndrome. There are several reasons that may cause dizziness.

1. In the process of hemodialysis, blood needs to leave the body and be filtered in hemodialysis machine. The body's blood pressure fluctuation is very large at this time. Therefore, it is very easy to cause dizziness, headache, or even coma.

2. Dizziness may be a dialytic inadequate symptom. Generally, patients do dialysis 2-3 times a week. Frequently dialysis can ensure the accumulation of toxins in the body. If dialysis is inadequate, toxin accumulation is likely to cause the symptom of dizziness. However, Long time’s dialysis is not good. It is harmful to human body. Long-term dialysis can worsen kidney damage.

3. Kidney dialysis may cause the phenomenon of insufficient blood supply to the brain and kidney, large areas of necrosis on the surface of the kidney, and the glomerular filtration function dropping. This is the reason why patient feel dizzy after dialysis.

To avoid such complications, patients should control diet and pay attention to the change of body weight. Actually the most fundamental way is to find a therapy without too much side effects.

Dialysis is not the only treatment for kidney disease. Patients should seek the most suitable one for them. There are many alternative treatments in TCM. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to you. If you are interested in it, please leave a message below.

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