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Dialysis: How to Deal with Itchy Skin with CKD On Dialysis

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Dialysis: How to Deal with Itchy Skin with CKD On DialysisPatients with chronic kidney disease may experience some unpleasant changes in their body. Itchy skin may be the most annoying one, especially for those who are on dialysis. So why patients on dialysis are easy to undergo itchy skin? How to deal with itchy skin with CKD on dialysis?

Why itchy skin happen on patients with CKD on dialysis?

Patients who are on dialysis, no matter hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, may go through itchy skin. It may be focal or it may occur in the whole body. Now that patients with CKD start dialysis, the kidney function must have been severely damaged. Here are the common reasons.

Patients with CKD may have difficulty in keeping electrolyte balance. The electrolyte disorder may cause itchy skin, for example, high level of phosphorus in serum is relevant to itchy skin.

Too much fluids will be discharged while on dialysis, causing dehydration of skin, which is a cause of itchy skin.

How to deal with itchy skin with CKD on dialysis?

Limit phosphorus. Since dialysis cannot well remove the extra phosphorus in blood, you can control phosphorus level by managing a proper diet. Low-phosphorus food is recommended.

Avoid scratching. You should avoid scratching and keep the skin in condition. You’d better wipe the itchy skin with warm water every day and keep the skin clean. This can alleviate the uncomfortable feeling.

Medicated bath. This method is worth your try because it is comfortable and effective for itchy skin. By adding the Chinese herbs into the fluids, the herbs can take effect on the skin and it can permeate into the kidney lesions through skin. It can not only alleviating itchy skin, but also help treating the kidney disease.

These methods about how to deal with itchy skin with CKD on dialysis are easy to follow. You can consult the online doctor for more information or you can leave a message below! Hope these tips can help you!

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