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How to Avoid Dialysis

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DialysisBlood system in human body is just like a river with various branches, it seems that we cannot choose but receive dialysis once it is filled with a mass of wastes and toxins. Though not all the patients can sustain in the face of high fee and inextricable treatment. People cannot refrain from asking: is there any other methods that can protect me against Dialysis?

As we all know, dialysis is one of the trump cards for the treatment of patients who are in End Stage Renal Failure, which uses dialysis machine as artificial kidneys to eliminate toxins such as circulating immune complexes, metabolic wastes and excess water. However, dialysis is not the method which can get blood purification done once and for all. It is unpractical to block the cause of disease throughly by simply depending on dialysis. Actually, it is a palliative which can not interrupt the damage and replacement from abnormally increased extracellular matrix. (More information about dialysis please consult our live doctor.)

With the temporary control based on symptoms, dialysis becomes more frequent, which further leads to side effects and worsens the degree of Renal Failure in return.

Nevertheless, all hope is not shut out. Immune clearance which belongs to Immunotherapy is able to remove wastes and toxins out of blood, thus easing symptoms and slowing down the progress of Renal Failure. Besides, immune regulation and protection can repair renal injury, restore renal function and improve immunity as well.

What’s more? Blood Purification is also one of the significant mathods, which includes plasma exchange, blood lipid purification, immune adsorption and blood perfusion. All of them have favorable effects and own pertinence.

Moreover, Blood Pollution Therapy, the latest treatment which can purify blood, supply deficient elements and rebuild functions, thus providing better internal environment for renal restoration.

In a word, dialysis is not the only way to purify the blood and maintain patients’ life. If you want to stay away from dialysis and remedy damaged renal function, please leave a message or talk to our online service for free to get more details about more specific questions.

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