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There Are 3 Situations in Which Early Dialysis Is More Likely to Lead to Kidney Failure

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There Are 3 Situations in Which Early Dialysis Is More Likely to Lead to Kidney Failure
Clinically, there are patients who have had a relatively stable level of serum creatinine (SCr) for many years, such as fluctuating between 200-240 umol/L, but one day there is a sudden increase in creatinine, closer to 600-700 umol/L. At this point, many doctors will suggest patients to start dialysis as soon as possible.

This sudden "elevation" of creatinine requires immediate dialysis?

Not really. The main cause of suddenly increased blood creatinine is acute renal injury due to chronic renal insufficiency, and the key is to find the cause of acute renal injury rather than urgent dialysis. Once dialysis is done too early, it can even wipe out all the kidney function that is left.

So what are the causes of "acute kidney injury" that accompany kidney disease? How to deal with it?

1. Infections

Infection is a common cause of acute renal injury, such as respiratory tract infection, including colds, tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia; Urinary tract infection, symptoms include frequent urination, urgent urination, dysuria, or back pain; Gastroenteritis and skin infections.

Solution: anti-infective treatments, such as antibiotics with more than two generations or anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

2. Drug-induced kidney injury

Nephrotoxic drugs include immunosuppressants, some antibiotics, nephrotoxic traditional Chinese medicine, some anti-inflammatory analgesics, etc. Improper use of these drugs, and not following medical advice, can cause a significant rise in blood creatinine, and some patients even directly go into uremia.

Solution: Consult with your doctor to stop using kidney injury medications or to select nontoxic medications with similar functions.

3. Other reasons

Acute kidney damage can be caused by sudden high blood pressure, severe dehydration, tiredness and staying up, anemia, poor diet (high-protein diet, alcoholism, spicy diet), etc.

Solution: You should take symptomatic treatment to bring down blood pressure and correct anemia. As to other causes, you should do self-adjustment.

If the cause of "acute renal injury" can be found in time, and symptomatic treatment can be taken to remove the cause of disease, blood creatinine can be quickly reduced. Once the etiology is not clear for more than a month, and these causes are not solved in time, acute renal injury will become chronic renal failure. At this time, uremia is not far away, and then you have to do dialysis.

When to start dialysis? There are 4 situations.

1. When the glomerular filtration rate is <10ml/min, dialysis should be considered.

2. Complications are obvious, such as hypertension, edema, hyperkalemia, severe anemia, etc. At this point, even if the glomerular filtration rate is greater than 15ml/min and creatinine is less than 707, early dialysis is required.

3. Although the level of creatinine and urea nitrogen is not high, there are obvious adverse reactions such as edema, heart failure, convulsion and drowsiness, and then the dialysis will be carried out in advance.

4. After the diagnosis of Diabetic Nephropathy, the situation is serious, once urinary protein and edema is obvious, it needs early dialysis.

Now you know clearly about the 3 situations that does not need dialysis early. But this is only for reference. If you have any questions on dialysis, medication and blood creatinine reduction, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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