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Creatinine Level for Dialysis

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Creatinine is one of the indicators of kidney function. High creatinine level means kidney damage. Dialysis is one clinical method to lower high creatinine level. However, not as long as creatinine level increases, dialysis is needed. So what’ the creatinine level for dialysis?

Creatinine level for dialysis

Creatinine is one kind of metabolism of our body. At normal circumstance, creatinine level floats in the range of 0.5-1.3 mg/dl. One of the important task of kidney is to filtrate the metabolic products and discharge them through urine. When there is kidney damage, kidney is not able to filtrate these waste products and toxins out, consequently, they will stay in the blood and affect the kidney health. When they accumulate in the blood to a certain level, dialysis is needed usually. The dangerous creatinine level for dialysis is 5mg/dl.

Why dialysis is needed?

When the waste product and toxins cannot be discharged, they will buildup in the blood and threaten the function of kidney and even other organs. Some patients may experience nausea, vomiting, skin itching, swelling or even cardiovascular disease. If you don’t take measure to remove these products, they will become life-threatening. So replace method is needed to substitute kidney to complete this task.

Dialysis is one of the ideal alternative in clinic. It is the equal of kidney to some extent because it can help discharge the waste product out of our body through a dialysis machine. Creatinine level will be lowered with dialysis.

However, dialysis is not the very ideal treatment for high creatinine level for it will increase again when dialysis is stopped. So the root method to lower high creatinine level is to improve kidney function. What’s more, creatinine level is not the only norm for dialysis. Other factors that will affect kidney function must be taken into consideration at the same time. You can send an email to for the specific information. Hope this article will do you a favor!

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