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When is Dialysis Needed

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dialysisKidney plays an important role in keeping us healthy. It acts as a guard to keep the blood clean by filtering the waste products and toxins from the bloodstream. We know that dialysis is a method to cope with kidney disease. So when is dialysis needed?

Kidney function

Kidney is made up of millions of nephrons, which are the filters of kidney. Glomerular is the main part of nephrons. When blood pass through glomerular, the waste products and extra water will be filtered and discharged via urine. When the glomerular is damaged due to some reasons, it will lose its ability to filtrate the wastes and extra water. As a result, they will build up in the blood, causing kidney disease.

When is dialysis needed?

When the waste products and toxins accumulate in the blood to a certain level to severely damage kidney function, treatment must be taken. There are two indicators that doctors often use to detect whether dialysis is needed. Creatinine level and blood urine nitrogen level. When they reach the level of kidney failure, dialysis is need then.

Dialysis functions as an artificial kidney to help kidney finish the job of filtering waste and toxins. If you don’t take measure to discharge the waste and toxins out, they will threaten your life. So dialysis is your life saver at an emergent circumstance.

The side-effect of dialysis

Though dialysis is essential to patients with kidney failure, it is just a replacement method. What’s more, it will bring a lot of side-effects which will torture patients. The common side-effects are as follow:



Low blood pressure

Nausea and vomiting

Heart failure

Alternative to dialysis

At present, there is therapy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that has been prove effective to kidney disease. It aims at repairing the damaged kidney lesions and improving kidney function. With this therapy, you can gradually get rid of dialysis.

You can contact the online doctor if you have kidney disease and they will tell you when is dialysis needed in detail according to your own condition.

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