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How Does Dialysis Process Creatinine 6.0

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How Does Dialysis Process Creatinine 6.0Creatinine 6.0 definitely indicates kidney disease has developed into Kidney Failure Stage or ESRD (end stage renal disease). In the case, dialysis my be suggested. Well then, how does dialysis process creatinine 6.0?

Creatinine is the by-product of muscular activity, which should be filtered out from the blood by kidneys. However, when kidneys cannot work well, its ability to remove excessive waste products declines. As a result, the toxins build up in your blood, causing High Creatinine Level. Also toxins deposition may induce other symptoms, such as back pain, proteinuria, nausea, vomiting, urine changes, etc.

If you are on dialysis:

There is no doubt that dialysis can help reduce creatinine 6.0 to some extent, after all it is a renal replacement which is used to purify blood and remove wastes. Besides, adequate dialysis also contributes to relieve some symptoms like edema, high blood pressure and high hyperkalemia and so on.

However, some dialysis patients are likely to be troubled by complications of dialysis like low blood pressure, muscle cramps, leg pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, itching, fever, etc. As a matter of fact, dialysis is unable to treat any kinds of kidney diseases. When nearly all of the kidney function is lost, kidney transplant will become the last choice. What’s more, once you stop dialysis, your creatinine will increase again for the muscular activity never ends.

Well then, is there any alternative treatments to lower creatinine 6.0?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be another treatment option for creatinine level 6.0 and other high creatinine levels. This treatment aims at saving kidneys by repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function. This treatment is based on Chinese herbal medicines which play very important role during the treatment. With the recovery of kidney function, patients will find the gradual decrease in creatinine levels. All the Chinese herbal medicines come from the nature, and then chosen and matched by experts, patients do not need to worry about the side effects.

It is one of characterized treatments of Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. If you have interest, please add my Whatsapp 8615226572289 or email to us at renal-disease@hotmail.com and we are glad to help you!

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