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Remedies to Help Cramps after Dialysis

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Remedies to Help Cramps after DialysisMuscle cramp is a common complain among patients who are on dialysis or have done dialysis treatment. Correspondingly, these patients concern more about how to relieve the discomfort. Here, we will share available remedies to help cramps after dialysis. Any questions after reading, you can email to us at renal-disease@hotmail.com or add my Whatsapp/Viber +8615512139310. We will provide the most professional guidance.

To know available methods, we should know possible causes of muscle cramps.

As we all know, the correct interaction of calcium level, phosphorus level, vitamins D and parathyroid hormone can help keep bone and muscle healthy. However, for the failed kidneys, they are unable to function fully, especially when the patients need dialysis, the balance will be disturbed further. As a result, muscle cramps can happen during dialysis or between two dialysis treatments, especially if the patient get gain a lot of fluid weight.

Well then, what remedies can be used to relieve painful muscle cramps?


It is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Compared with pain killers, a appropriate massage can help relieve pain without any side effects.

Drink more water

Actually, as long as you can make urine, drinking moderate amount of water can increase urine output and help you correct some minerals balance.

Do moderate exercise

Some moderate movement like walking, jogging, Tai Chi, Qigong, are important assistant treatment for relieving the discomfort. Of course, patients should also have a regular rest.

Aside from the mentioned above, there are also some natural treatments that can help reduce frequency dialysis and improve renal function from the root.

Medicated Bath

Many Chinese herbal medicines are put into the hot bath, then patients soak themselves into the herbal liquid. These active ingredients of the treatment can permeate into kidney lesions directly via skin. These medicines have properties of expanding blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellulr matirx and so on. Along with improvement of renal function, mineral disorders can be corrected. As a result, muscle cramps can be relieved from the root!

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