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How to Get Rid of Two-Year’s Dialysis

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How to Get Rid of Two-Year’s Dialysis“My wife is on dialysis from last 2 years and how she can get rid of that?” I get the question from our online service center. Whether do you have the similar condition and confusion? If so, please follow me and you will find out available treatments.

Can you stop dialysis freely?

Dialysis is usually recommended to patients when kidney loses more than 85% renal function. Due to severe decline of renal function, kidneys cannot remove extra wastes and toxins from blood effectively. So, we cannot deny dialysis indeed is a rapid way to deal with blood pollution and can help prolong life for Kidney Failure patients. Generally speaking, once you start dialysis, you need to do it regularly. However, once you stop dialysis suddenly, toxins will accumulate in the body again, causing further damage, especially when you do not find alternative treatments to dialysis. Hence, you cannot stop dialysis freely!

Well then, is there any hope that I can get rid of dialysis?

Of course. As long as Kidney Failure patients have urine output, there will be a hope for them to avoid dialysis. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, we do suggest patients to take joint therapy to reduce frequent or even avoid dialysis, namely Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

How does the treatment work on dialysis patients?

The main composition of this therapy is the Chinese medical powders which are made by the Chinese medical herbs. And these Chinese medical powders can reach to the failed kidney parts with the help of the osmosis device. These medicines have the functions of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, dilating blood vessels, degrading extracellular matrix and supplying necessary nutrients. When the Chinese medicine contact with damaged kidney sufficiently, the pathological cells and tissues will be blocked, and they will be replaced by healthy cells. And at the same time, the narrow blood vessels will be expanded a lot than before. As long as kidney can regain function, dialysis also can be avoided naturally.

To get the therapy, you need to come to China. Because it is only available in our hospital. If you can come to here for the treatment, you can email to us at or add my whatsapp 008615226572289. So that we can have further communication.

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