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Is Hair Loss A Side Effect of Dialysis and How to Treat

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Is Hair Loss A Side Effect of Dialysis and How to TreatHair loss indeed is an embarrassing thing especially for the younger people. Recently, some patients who on dialysis complain they begin to experience severe hair loss after dialysis. But they do not ensure the causes. Is hair loss a side effect of the treatment? If so, how to treat?

Dialysis is the life-sustaining treatment for those who suffer from end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Indeed, there are many pros and cons for the treatment. On the one hand, it can help discharge extra wastes and toxins from the blood. On the other hand, it will trigger possible potential adverse effects to patients. As a matter of fact, hair loss can be regarded as one of side effects of dialysis.

Why dialysis patients suffer from hair loss?

Malnutrition-due to strict dietary restrictions, patients are easily to suffer from malnutrition. Dialysis can cause deficiencies of calcium, iron, vitamins, protein and zinc. In the condition, hair loss my occur.

Thyroid problems-it can cause hair loss. A blood test can detect abnormal thyroid hormone level in the blood.

Side effects of medications-some medicines that kidney disease patients are taking can cause hair loos due to adverse reactions or drug side effects.

How to treat the condition?

The most ideal option is to look for alternative treatment to dialysis. As long as people do not undergo dialysis or get rid of dialysis, the adverse effects of dialysis can be avoided totally. Well then, how?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy can be the new choices and new hope for patients who undergo dialysis. To know more detailed processes, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or email to

In addition, other suggestions can be your reference.

If your protein and zinc is too low in your diets, it is very necessary to consult a dietitian for a personalized and reasonable eating plan.

Treat the causes of thyroid problems and recover normal thyroid hormone can prevent further hair loss.

You should ask your doctor to test whether your medicines can cause loos of hair. If so, you may need to substitute for another medicines.

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