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Can PD Patients Take Miralax with Constipation

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Can PD Patients Take Miralax with ConstipationPD, short for peritoneal dialysis, which is commonly used to sustain remaining life for those with end stage renal disease or Kidney Failure. But during the treatment, new health problems may occur. Constipation is one of common side effects for PD patients, especially when you have dialysis for a long time. Well then, can peritoneal dialysis patients take miralax?

Miralax works by bringing water into the bowels, which helps keep the digestive system regular. Stool becomes softer when the bowels retain water. Actually, the medicine can help relieve constipation effectively. However, it cannot recommended to patients who have kidney damage. One of key things you need to know about miralax is that don’t tale miralax if you have kidney disease or an allergy to polyethylene glycol. What’s more, the medicine is metabolized by the liver and discharged by the kidneys. Therefore, taking the medicine can increase extra burden to the damaged kidneys.

Well then, how to deal with constipation for PD patients?

Indeed, some home remedies are helpful for relieving the constipation. You can get the answer from regarding the following contents. Any questions, you can email us to or leave a message below directly.

1. Drink more water

2. Dietary fiber helps to promote the movement of intestinal tract, so increasing dietary fiber will be helpful and dietary fiber is mostly contained by vegetables and fruits.

3. Increasing physical activities will help to alleviate or prevent constipation for peritoneal dialysis patients.

4. Go into the bathroom and sit for at last 10 minutes after that meal each day.

5. Improve renal function from the root. The goal is hard to achieve, but effective treatments can be helpful to some extent, like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, and Immunotherapy. To know more details, please be feel free to contact us!

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