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What Natural Remedies Can I Take for Hiccups After Dialysis

2015-05-01 14:58| Font Size A A A

What Natural Remedies Can I Take for Hiccups After DialysisWhat natural remedies can I take for hiccups after dialysis? The questions is very common among dialysis patients. Now, let’s have look at the passage and look for the answer.

Hiccups can be the common disorders for the healthy people, but for dialysis patients, they also always complain they have the problem. However, hiccups after dialysis different from the common hiccups, it refers to frequent and continuous hiccups, which may have a link with uremia, diabetes, brain, the use of dialysis, and so on. As for dialysis, it may cause intra-abdominal pressure to increase quickly, too much gas to build up in the abdomen, or electrolyte disorder in the internal environment. This is just the direct cause for a lot of hiccups during or after dialysis treatments. In this condition, patients should take action immediately to manage the underlying cause and alleviate refractory hiccups.

What natural remedies can I take to relieve hiccups?

1. Home remedies.

-Take deep breath for several times

-Stretch your tongue with a clean piece of cloth

-Hold your breath directly for 30~45 seconds

-Massage as doctor online guides

2.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The treatment is one of characterized kidney disease treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital. It is a natural combination of western medicine and western technology. Chinese medicines can help increase the excretion amount of extra electrolyte and add some essential electrolyte into the blood, so as to regulate electrolyte balance. Besides, this external application of Chinese medicine is able to maintain the stable abdominal environment and increase the blood flow all over the body as well as diaphragm, so patients can find their hiccups alleviated from the root.

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