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Is Loss of Sense Shows the Ending Stage of the CAPD Patient

2015-04-24 15:43| Font Size A A A

Is Loss of Sense Shows the Ending Stage of the CAPD PatientIs loss of sense shows the ending stage of the CAPD patient? In fact, some dialysis may experience this problem, and has its underlying cause. Follow to find more information about this condition. Any questions, please email to or leave a message below.

Cause of sense loss in dialysis

Sense loss in dialysis is not uncommon. This problems is possibly related to low blood pressure that causes shortness of oxygen in brain. That’s why CAPD patients have dizziness or even lose sense.

Then, how does low blood pressure occur in dialysis patients? It may be cause by too fast speed of fluid discharging during this process. It maybe also related to malnutrition, poor hear function or wrong diet.

Is loss of sense in CAPD patients serious?

If it indeed caused by low blood pressure, it can be managed by the healthcare provide by adjusting the speed of dialyzate. It doesn’t show the end stage of the patient’s life. However, to take further test is recommended to find the real cause, so that the doctor can give proper treatment.

Natural treatment for Kidney Failure patients other than dialysis

As you know, dialysis may be a long and painful process. That’s why many patients refuse to take this method. In fact, except for dialysis, there are some other natural ways to treat kidney disease.

In our hospital, we mainly use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which can treat kidney disease from the root. Commonly used therapies for Kidney Failure are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath and Stem Cell Therapy. By these ways, patients can improve blood circulation and enhance kidney function. Then, waste and extra fluid can be discharged effectively and naturally.

If you are interested in these methods, you are welcomed to contact us online directly. This consultation is free.

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