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Right Shoulder Pain after Dialysis: Causes and Treatment

2015-04-02 14:27| Font Size A A A

Right Shoulder Pain after Dialysis: Causes and TreatmentRight shoulder pain is commonly occur in patients who are on dialysis, but they don’t know whether their shoulder pain is due to their dialysis treatment. Now, let’s have see the two topics: can dialysis cause shoulder pain? And what treatment can help dialysis patients relieve the pain?

Dialysis, as the artificial kidney, can help the damaged kidneys filter extra wastes and fluids from the blood and maintain the kidney failure patients’ life to some extent. It has two types: Peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. It is reported that about 5% of peritoneal dialysis patients suffer from right shoulder pain.

Why do dialysis patients have should pain?

As we all know, the kidneys are important internal organs that can help balance electrolyte, regulate blood pressure, activate vitamin D, and filter wastes and toxins and so on. When kidneys are unable to do the works completely, dialysis will replace the damaged kidneys. However, dialysis cannot repair kidney damage. Therefore, you body may suffer from some disorders. The shoulder pain is just made up of bones and muscles. If your shoulder pain isn’t caused by the weather, air or external force, it must have an close link with low calcium level, PHD, high phosphorus level or vitamin D. In addition, dialysis itself also can cause shoulder pain, just like its side effect-Pneumoperitoneum.

Well then, how to deal with the condition?

1. Diet plan

A healthy and balanced diet are able to correct this abnormal healthy problems. Make a scientific diet plan and choose healthy foods according to your specific condition. You should keep in touch with your doctor so as to adjust your diet plan timely.

2. Alternative treatment to dialysis

Since dialysis cannot repair kidney damage, it is important to look for alternative treatments. Here, Immunotherapy is recommended to you. Through the systemic and comprehensive treatment steps, the kidney damage can be repaired from the root. As long as kidney function can increase to 15% and keep stable, there is a great chance to get rid of dialysis. And you also can relieve should pain.

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