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Do Dialysis Patients Have Bowel Problems

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Do Dialysis Patients Have Bowel ProblemsAs the artificial kidney, dialysis can help kidney failure patients filter the extra wastes and toxins from the body. Meanwhile, it also can bring new healthy problems. Do dialysis patients have bowel problems? Now, let’s have a look at the passage.

Dialysis patients indeed will suffer from bowel problems like constipation, diarrhea, etc, which will not only can worsen illness condition, but also badly affect the normal life. Therefore, it is very important to deal with the condition timely.

How does bowel problems occur in dialysis?

Constipation and dialysis

For dialysis patients, they usually are asked to have limited fluid. You should know, bowels need to fluid to soften the stool and male it easier to more. Hence, the most recommended suggestions for preventing constipation are to eat a high fiber diet, drink plenty fluids and get regular exercise. However, because of diet and fluid restrictions, these suggestions are difficulty to follow while on dialysis. So, constipation will occur in dialysis. In addition, some medications also can induce the condition.

Diarrhea and dialysis

After all, dialysis fails to repair kidney damage and improve renal function. kidney can not excrete enough vitamin D. Using vitamin D or removing the parathyroid gland can make PTH level very low, which may cause diarrhea.

Then, how to deal with the condition?

First of all. According to individualized illness condition, patients are needed a balanced and scientific diet plan. You’s better keep in touch with your dietitian or you can talk with our Online Doctor or email to renal-disease@hotmail.com and we will give you answer on the basis of your condition.

Second, seeking for the professional medical treatment. Here we will do recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. It not only can relieve the related symptoms or complications but also improve renal function and supply necessary nutrients. If you want to learn more details, please be free to contact us!

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