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What Cause Involuntary Jerking for Dialysis Patients

2015-03-13 18:15| Font Size A A A

What Cause Involuntary Jerking for Dialysis PatientsMany dialysis patients complain that they often experience the involuntary jerking or twitching, which has badly affect the patients’ normal life. To relieve the condition, what we should do is to find out the its possible factors. Well then, what cause involuntary jerking for dialysis patients?

Indeed, as a kidney replaced treatment, dialysis can help patients filter extra wastes and toxins from the blood to some extent, but frequency of dialysis also can bring new healthy problems. And jerking is one of common adverse effect of dialysis.

The causes jerking or twitching of dialysis patients.

Malnutrition and twitching muscles

For dialysis patients, in order to protect remaining renal function, patients need to have a proper diet plan. A friendly-kidney diet is hard to guarantee patients’ nutrition.

High phosphorus level

Due to the decrease of GFR, the kidneys can not discharge excessive phosphorus out of the blood and cause high level of blood phosphorus. Even mild hyperphosphatemia can cause low blood calcium to maintain constant product of serum calcium and serum phosphorus.

Vitamin D disorders

chronic kidney failure patients can not produce active vitamin D3 which can promote the absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin D3 deficiency will affect calcium absorption and cause low blood calcium which is the main reason of muscle twitching.

Well then, how to relieve the condition?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, dialysis is not only the treatment for kidney failure patients. We do use Blood Pollution Therapy to deal with kidney damage. The treatment aims at clearing polluted blood which makes full use of various blood purification technologies. When the internal body environment can be improved, it will lay a solid foundation to repair kidney damage. Then, the doctor will elect the Chinese herbal medicines to repair kidney damaged cells and structure. As long as kidney function can be improved, everything can be well solved.

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