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Diet Restriction for Patients Who Are on Dialysis

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Diet Restriction for Patients Who Are on DialysisThere are many dietary taboos for Kidney Failure patients who are on dialysis. Having a good understanding of dietary principles about dialysis is helpful for patients, so as to prevent kidney from the secondary damage. Well then, what are the diet restrictions for dialysis patients?

1. Limit the salt intake. In order to protect the kidneys and reduce the work load, salt intake should be less than 6 grams every day.

2. High quality protein food such as fish, chicken, milk, egg white, etc can be recommend to dialysis patients. Limit plant protein as they are not easy to be absorbed, such as bean curd, soy-bean milk and soy products.

3. Should pay attention to high calcium low phosphorus: usually, high-calcium foods often also contains high phosphorus such like animal organs, ribs, and shrimp skin and so on.

4. Forbidden of stimulating effect foods such as mustard, onion, ginger, garlic, chili, (no smoking or drinking, coffee), please avoid strong tea, and green tea is the best choice.

5. Control water intake. You know drink too much water will gain too much burden to the kidney, but it is still OK to drink relatively some water to supply the lost water. In addition, dialysis patients need to pay attention to the water content of the food. And the beverages should avoid high potassium ones such as mango juice, banana juice, orange juice, etc.

6. Limit potassium foods: if the daily urine volume more than 1000 ml and potassium is normal, then there is no limited for fruits and vegetables. But if a high potassium or less urine, patients still should limit high potassium food such as rape, spinach, leek, tomato, kelp, banana, peach, etc.

7.Limit fat intake: the proposal with olive oil, peanut oil cooking are good choice.

8.Vitamin supplements: it can maintain the metabolization balance of human body. Many vegetables and fruits, such as apples, pears cucumber, tomato, etc, can be your choice. When you are eating fruit and vegetables, you should pay attention to avoid high potassium ones.

The mentioned above can be dialysis patients’ reference. After all, the diet plan should be individualized. You can chat with our Online Doctor directly or mail to

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