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Symptoms When Dialysis Stops Working

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Symptoms When Dilaysis Stops WorkingWhen your kidneys fail to function properly, dialysis will be a life-saving treatment, while when dialysis stops working, maybe deadly results come to light in severe conditions. Here we will talk about the symptoms when dialysis stops working.

Our healthy kidneys are important organs which are packed with numerous function. They can help regulate blood pressure, produce urine, discharge extra wastes and toxins from the blood, activate vitamin D, and keep electrolyte and acid-base balance. Although dialysis can help the damaged kidney do its normal job partly, it may bring many side-effects to patients which are painful for patients. So more and more patients want to stop dialysis.

When dialysis tops, the wasteful products and extra fluids will build up in the body rapidly, causing various symptoms and complications which may affect all systems and organs of your body. Due to the different speeds of accumulation of toxins, the result is also different from person to person. In some cases, death usually comes within a few weeks. Actually, as the toxins build up, a person may experience certain physical and emotional changes as the below.

1. Poor appetite and fluid overload.

2. Drowsiness

3. Confusion, disorientation and fail to recognize familiar faces

4. Changes in breathing (deep and long breath or shortness of breath).

5. Congestion

6. Muscle cramps

7. Fatigue or tired

8. Drowsiness, anxiety, upset and depressed

9. Reduced urination or even no urine output

10. Changes in color and skin temperature

All of them can speed up the deterioration of illness condition and lead to death to some extent. Therefore, it is important to take effective treatment to relieve these symptoms. Usually natural treatment will be considered firstly than the chemical drugs. As a matter of fact, in modern medical areas, dialysis or kidney transplant is not the only the choice for Kidney Failure patients. In our Shijiahzhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we do use a series of innovated treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for help repairing kidney damage fundamentally and reducing the frequency of dialysis. To know the specific treatments, please don’t hesitate to tell us and our Online Doctor is very glad to help any patients with kidney disease.

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