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Tips for New Dialysis Patients Due to ESRD

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Tips for New Dialysis Patients Due to ESRDDialysis is commonly used for treating ESRD (end stage renal disease) patients, so as to help the damaged kidneys filter wastes and toxins from blood. But the treatment will occasionally produce adverse effects. And there are several tips for new dialysis patients due to ESRD.

There are two kind of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis also called the artificial kidney. The blood of the patients is pumped through a machine with special filters which remove wastes and excess water from the blood. Once filtered, the blood is reintroduced back into the body. This procedure can be done at a treatment center or in the home, but with special instructions. As for peritoneal dialysis, refers that a tube called a “dialysis catheter” is positioned through the abdominal wall into the abdominal cavity. Actually, no matter which dialysis, they may cause side effects more or less. Therefore, Kidney Experts who work in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital recommend several tips for dialysis patients.

Keep positive and focused

It is important to stay healthy and active emotion when you undergo dialysis. Also during the process of dialysis, if you feel some discomforts, please ask your doctor and regulate treatment as soon as possible.

Adjust the dosage of certain medicines

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two leading causes of Kidney Failure. Dialysis itself can help lower blood pressure or blood sugar levels, in the condition, if you continue to take hypotensive drugs or antidiabetic, you will suffer from low blood pressure or low blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is important to regulate the dosage of your medicines during or after dialysis.

Be mindful of your diet

The more toxins you put into your body, the more waste you’ll produce. More waste means longer treatments. Keeping to a healthy diet will ensure you extra time isn’t stuck dialysis and will help prevent some common dialysis side effects. More specific info, welcome to consult our Online Doctor directly.

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