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How to Offset Metallic Taste after Dialysis

2015-01-10 16:20| Font Size A A A

How to Offset Metallic Taste after DialysisMetallic taste is an embarrassing thing in our daily life. And the symptom can happen to patients with Kidney Failure or ESRD patients who are undergoing dialysis. Well then, how to offset the symptom has become an concerned and urgent thing. Then, how to do?

To know the answer, you should have a well understanding about the causes of metallic taste.

Like I said, dialysis is usually recommended to you if your kidney disease has progressed into ESRD (end-stage renal disease). As a matter of fact, we have to admit that dialysis can help the damaged kidney filter wastes and toxins and prolong lifetime to some extent for kidney failure patients. However, from long-term benefits, dialysis does have some side effects on managing kidney disease. Dialysis cannot completely remove urea and improve metabolic disorders. What’s more, it also cannot repair kidney damage. In the condition, the damaged kidney cannot work normally, the resulting in too much fluid, metabolic wastes and toxins build up in the body. For example, if urea level increase, it will enter intestinal tract from blood vessels and under the function of urea enzyme, urea can be decomposed and then produce ammonia. This is one of reasons for metallic taste in mouth.

Then, how to offset metallic taste in mouth after dialysis?

Some home remedies can be adopted to help relieve bad taste in mouth for dialysis patients like scientific diet. To get an individualized diet and treatment suggestions, welcome to email us to

In addition, medical treatment is also essential. In our Treatment center, we do use natural treatments come from Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve kidney function, repair kidney damage and strengthen immune system, just like Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, etc. Here we introduce Blood Pollution Therapy to you.

It is one of the significant natural treatments, which is applied to eliminate blood stasis such as wastes, toxins and other metabolite out of body through Blood Purification supply different kinds of deficient elements in blood flow as well as adopt those medicable reparative ingredients through elements supplementation and awaken the ability of self renewal of human body, thus treating damaged nephron as much as possible in order to stop metallic taste in mouth with CKD naturally.

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