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Withdrawing from Dialysis Life Expectancy

2014-11-28 15:09| Font Size A A A

Withdrawing from Dialysis Life ExpectancyFor people with Kidney Failure or end-stage renal disease, dialysis or a kidney transplant enable them to live longer and enjoy their quality of life. Well then, many patients who are on dialysis are very concerned with the issue of how long I can will I live. Please read on.

As a matter of fact, dialysis indeed help the damaged kidneys discharge extra wastes and toxins from blood and can relieve some related kidney disease symptoms to some extent. But it’s my duty to tell you dialysis fails to repair kidney damage and will further generate more side effects if dialysis is done for frequent time. In addition, withdrawing from dialysis is not as easy as you image once dialysis starts.

Then, what is life expectancy when patients stop dialysis?

Actually, there is no except answer for the question. Because the answer may be different due to different patients, different illness conditions, as well as different prognosis. The lifespan can be longer or shorter. Some patients may can live longer time, while some can not. There is a group of numbers to indicate life expectancy which can as your reference when you stop dialysis.

Some studies show that lifespan of dialysis is very similar to life expectancy of kidney transplant. About 80% dialysis patients can live 1 year, about 60% people can live 5 years. But don't be intimidated by the poor numbers. Facing disease, active attitude is also essential so that you can fight against disease.

Well then, how to prolong kidney failure patients life expectancy?

All in all, the earlier treatment is applied, the more chances of stopping or at least slowing down the progression of illness condition. If you want to get a good prognosis with kidney disease, please email to or leave a message below and we will do what we can help you.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested to you. If you take treatment at the early time, kidney disease can be remitted completely. If you take treatment with moderate kidney damage, your illness condition can be well controlled. Once your illness condition progress into kidney failure, the treatment can help you reduce frequency dialysis times and avoid dialysis gradually.

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