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Foods You Can Eat On Dialysis With Renal Failure 2014

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Foods You Can Eat On Dialysis With Renal Failure 2014Although dialysis is one renal replacement therapy that can help purify the blood, it is unable to be as effective as kidneys. Thereby, patients on dialysis still need to follow a restricted diet plan. From this point, they had better make clear what foods they can eat on dialysis with renal failure.

The dietary principle for kidney failure patients on dialysis is to meet patients’ body need and not increase the burden on kidneys. According to this, we give out the following suggestions.

Eat: low-sodium foods

Dialysis can remove extra fluid and sodium efficiently, but high-sodium foods can make patients live uneasy with this treatment. Also, these foods may cause or worsen patients’ high blood pressure and swelling. Therefore, patients should choose low-sodium foods and avoid high-sodium foods. Generally, vegetables and fruits are low in sodium.

Eat: high-quality protein

High-quality protein provides more essential nutrients for the body and produces less waste products. That’s to say, foods rich in high-quality protein can not only meet the body’s need but also reduce the burden on kidneys.

Eat: foods rich in unsaturated fatty acid

Patients on dialysis are usually at a high risk of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Unsaturated fatty acid is just able to reduce cholesterol level and protect cardiovascular health. Flaxseed oil, walnut, olive oil, and so on, are good sources of this substance.

Eat: foods containing rich antioxidants

Antioxidants can protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues and improve kidney function to some extent, while vitamin C and flavonoid are common antioxidants. Hence, patients can eat relatively more foods in these antioxidants.

These are only some general suggestions for patients on dialysis. If you want to get a detailed food list to eat, you can consult the doctor online directly or leave a message below.

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