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Can Hot Compress Therapy Be Used for Dialysis Patients

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Can Hot Compress Therapy Be Used for Dialysis PatientsCan Hot Compress Therapy be used for dialysis patients? Can it become the new hope for dialysis patients? Actually, it is one of unique treatments in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, and has been widely used to treat kidney disease and saved many dying patients.

For end stage renal disease or Kidney Failure patients, dialysis is a renal replacement therapy which can help the damaged kidney discharge extra wastes from the blood. It is suggested when you may only have 15% or even less kidney function. But as a matter of fact, dialysis is just responsible to discharge micromolecular substances rather than macromolecular ones. If these substances continue to deposit in the body, it will damage kidneys constantly. What’s more, if you take dialysis for a long time, it is not easy to stop it freely. In the long term, some side effects will occur such as low blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, weight loss and so on.

In order to overcome the shortages of dialysis, our treatment center researched and created the new treatment called Hot Compress Therapy which are used for Stage 5 CKD or kidney failure patients. What’s important, it can help reduce the frequency of dialysis or even help avoid dialysis.

Well then, what is Hot Compress Therapy?

It is an advanced natural and systemic treatment based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is different from the usage of traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It is used externally. An osmosis device is applied to permeated the finely-shattered herbs into kidney tissues, so as that active ingredients will take effect on kidney lesions directly.

How does it work for dialysis patients?

Step one: Put the medical bags on the bilateral Sheshu acupoints (BL23) where the kidney locates.

Step two: Link the osmosis device and adjust the device so that it can work well.

Step three: Patients just need to lie in the bed and take the treatment.

This therapy aims at strengthening the healthy Qi by activating theoriginal Q and adjusting healthy Qi and eliminating pathogenic factors. Meanwhile, patients’ immune system can be improved and kidney lesions can be repaired to some extent. On the basis of the treatment, if you take the Mai-Kang Composition, the therapeutic effect will be more better. More detailed info, please feel free to contact our online doctors or mail to renal-disease@hotmail.com and we will do what we ca help you.

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