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Why Does A Dialysis Patient Require to Lose Weight

2014-10-31 11:17| Font Size A A A

Why Does A Dialysis Patient Require to Lose WeightDo you feel strange that a dialysis patient need to lose weight? Do not misapprehension and here dialysis patients just refers to those dialysis patients who are overweight or obese. Well then, what are the benefits of losing weight for dialysis patients?

Dialysis is the alternative treatment when the kidney lose its functions completely which can help kidney discharge extra wastes and toxins from the body effectively. For dialysis patients who are obese, keeping a healthy body weight plays a significant role in maintaining their overall heath.

1. Losing weight while dialysis is helpful to control the blood pressure and blood sugar easily. Both hypertension and diabetes are leading causes of kidney disease or Kidney Failure. In view of the point, we can know how significant it is to control them.

2. Keeping a healthy weight helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. As we all know, our kidney is the important filtering organ which is packed with numerous functions, like discharging extra wastes and toxins, keeping electrolyte and acid-base balance, etc. High cholesterol level is one of symptoms when the kidney fails to work properly. Without immediate treatment, high cholesterol level will involve the cardiovascular system and threat the patient’s life.

3. Obese dialysis patients need to lose the extra body weight so as to keep the body energy. It is beneficial for relieving the symptoms like fatigue, deep breath or shortness of breath and so on.

Up to know, I believe that you have a well understanding about the topic- why does a dialysis patient require to lose weight.

Now, there are several daily tips which can help dialysis patient keeps the healthy body weight.

1. Reduce the calorie intake and fat intake.

2. Do exercise regularly if you are active and powerful.

3. Avoid eating food with butter or cream.

4. Ingest more food with dairy fiber which can help promote the stool movement.

The above mentioned are for dialysis patients who are overweight or obese. Any follow-up questions, please ask our online doctors directly. If you do not lose body weight during the dialysis, and want to know other treatments, you are welcomed to mail us:

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