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Nursing Care for Patients Who Are on Hemodialysis

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Nursing Care for Patients Who Are on HemodialysisAs we all know, patients who are on hemodialysis should pay more special attention to the their physical condition. And if you or your loved one is undergoing dialysis, you also should have a well understanding about nursing care for dialysis patients.

In medicine, hemodialysis is a method that is used to achieve the extracorporeal removal of waste products such as creatinine and urea and free water from the blood when the kidneys are in a stage of renal failure. To some extent, dialysis can help kidney discharge extra wastes and toxins from the bloodstream. But in order to prevent the further kidney damage, some nursing care should be noticed which are as follows:

1. If patient is scheduled for morning dialysis treatments, arrange an early breakfast for him. If a meal arrives while he’s in dialysis, save it for

later he can’t eat during dialysis. (if he’s diabetic, make sure he gets his insulin and breakfast before dialysis).

2. Give patients water soluble medications after dialysis; otherwise, they’ll be dialyzed out of patients’ system.

3. Reduce the dose of hypotensive drugs under the guidance of the kidney expert. Because dialysis itself can lower high blood pressure effectively. In this case, eating too much hypotensive drugs is easy to cause low blood pressure. In other words, dialysis patients are at the risk of low blood pressure.

4. Regularly evaluate the patients’ serum potassium level for hyperkalemia.

5. After dialysis, high protein diet may be supplied, especially food with high-protein diet like lean meat, egg white, etc.

6. Restrict the patient’s fluids to 1,000ml/day (or as directed).

7. If patients can be active after dialysis, patients can doing some moderate exercise to strengthen immune symptoms. If patients have a poor physical condition, patient’s should pay attention to rest.

Last but not least, to reduce frequency of dialysis or avoid dialysis, patients might as well try our Traditional Chinese Medicine or innovated therapies like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy and so on can be available for you. If you are interested in hem, please email to or leave a message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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