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How to Deal with Osteoporosis for Dialysis Patients

2014-10-04 15:09| Font Size A A A

How to Deal with Osteoporosis for Dialysis PatientsDialysis may be applied by ESRD (end stage renal disease) or Kidney Failure patients. However, at the same, it also will bring some side effects to the patients. Osteoporosis is one of side effects of dialysis. Well then, how to deal with this condition?

Surely osteoporosis is very a painful feeling for patients. To get know how to cope with this condition, we should firstly have a well understanding about how does osteoporosis occur in dialysis.

Healthy kidneys can balance the levels of phosphorus and calcium in the blood. The calcium is reabsorbed by the kidney and being deposited in our bones. Meanwhile, excess phosphorus will be excreted out of body. However, in renal failure, the kidneys fail to remove the phosphorus from body, thus resulting in high levels of phosphorus in blood. To lower the high phosphorus level in blood, calcium from the bone will be extracted, thus making the bone brittle and prone to osteoporosis. Dialysis is not effective in removing phosphorus from blood. In addition, blood loss during dialysis also is a contributor to lead to osteoporosis.

According to the above the analysis, we can see that dialysis is not an ideal treatment for kidney disease patients. It can not replace the kidneys totally. Therefore, what we should do is to find out the effective methods to repair kidney damage and protect renal function. To achieve the goals, we recommend the following methods to you.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy is a creation and innovation from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It makes full use of Chinese herbs to treat kidney disease but is used externally. Under help of osmosis device, the micronized Chinese medicine can permeate into kidney lesion. Meanwhile, these ingredients can provide enough nutrition to the blood and satisfy the body needs. It can enhance kidneys’ self-repairing ability. As long as kidney function come back to normal, electrolyte disorders can be treated and osteoporosis will also disappear.

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